The Proof Review page for Kiss Cut Stickers should indicate both the dimension/size of the order, as well as, the dimensions of the peeled sticker itself.
When ordering a 2"x2" kiss cut sticker, I was surprised to find that my order had been changed to a 2.5" x 3" sticker. While I understand the increase in cost and size to accommodate the entire design, the UI of the page made it seem as though the peeled sticker would be 2.5" x 3". I wanted to make sure the peeled sticker was less than 2" x 2". If both the size of the entire sheet along with the peeled sticker size was visible, I wouldn't have had so much trouble.
Product Management Job Story:
When the size of the kiss cut sticker needs to increase in size in order to accommodate the entire design,
As a customer,
I want to know what the size of the peeled sticker will be on the Proof Review page,
So that I can determine if I should adjust, cancel, or change my order.