First - let me say - I LOVE Sticker Mule. I'm a "repeat offender" in that I've ordered a lot of your product . Your speed and communication and the finished product are second to none!
I manage recording artists here in Nashville so a big part of my job is a matter of fact....MOST of a manager's job is marketing.
I have an idea I'd like to suggest to you - because it's been a big hit for me.
Three times now - - I've gone on FIVERR and had an artist, for very little money, do a caricature of a friend of mine. I've then come to Sticker Mule and had either sticker or Coasters made and given them as gifts to the person I had drawn. Without exception it's been a HUGE hit!
As desperate as people are for work - - I wonder if you could find a pool of caricature artists who would work on a per order basis and offer that as a service.
I think it's an attractive offer - - and one your average customer wouldn't think of. It's a VERY unique and personal gift idea. I've had the attached art done on stickers and coasters.