Id like to see the proof improved as I ordered a sample of 10 stickers and the proof showed certain things to be quite hard to read but as it was only costing $1 i approved it. before they arrived they had a promo on magnets so I made certain parts of my design bigger and still I was not happy that the social media logos were readable so I spent hours trying out different colour combinations to see if I could get a better result at the current size. in the end I was not going to risk them being useless so I opted to increase the size of the magnet from 3x3 to 4x4 at an additional $20 cost. When the original sample arrived to my surprise even in its smaller form all the social media logo's were perfectly readable and I feel I wasted $20 going bigger for nothing. A better quality proof would have saved me a lot of messing about where things looked blury they were fine in reality